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Extraterrestrial Reverb for Electronic Music

22 $


22 $

Cleanest Reverb,
Meanest Distortion.

REACH makes it easy to experiment and dial in new distorted sounds. Paired with a state of the art Reverb makes this tool a serious powerhouse.


Create sonic atmospheres, curious percussions or a new era of lofi sounds.


This iconic effect can be used both to slightly adjust your sound or to completely transform it. Unrealistic expectations welcome.


Bring width, movement and life to any signal. Create echo-like effects by playing with the delay and feedback,
yielding mind bending results.


Turn up the amount and feel the static in the air. Conjure earthshaking drums, impactful hits and electrified atmospheres.

Switchable Skins

Early Bird or Night Owl? Doesn’t matter - our themes have you covered. Switch seamlessly between light and dark themes.

Production-Ready Presets

Reach comes with over 40 carefully crafted Presets, ranging from lush reverbs to sonic soundscapes. Customize existing Presets or craft your own to compile your perfect toolbox - A Preset for every sound.

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22 $

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"Couldn't ask for a better experience, and just love the plugin! The GUI and all is just crazy good! Keep up the great work :)"
Reign Studios
Recording, mixing and mastering studios in Quebec City
"Freaking great plugin! Sounds so good and love the effects, its the perfect package!”
Producer and DJ
"A genius plugin! The UI is awesome. It sounds so great, and also the feature set and the sounds remind me of Strymon NightSky and Meris PolyMoon pedals."
Aliaksandr Siamionau

System Requirements

MacOS 10.9+
Windows 7+
Linux Ubuntu 20.04
Access to a stable internet connection is required for downloading
and activating the product.
At least 4 GB of RAM.
At least 1 GB of free disc space